A podcast for nerds who love soccer shirts, featuring nerds who talk about soccer shirts.

  • Episode 12: A return to form…

    Welcome to the 12th episode of the Kit Nerd Corner podcast! We are back on our bullshit, folks! No Kristin, unfortunately. Join Brenton, Mark and Rich as they make their way through a wide variety of shirts and journeys and architecture (?) and quizzes and jokes.

  • Episode 11: It’s our Canadian Premier League 2023 (away) kit special!

    Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Kit Nerd Corner podcast! First we did the 8 home shirts (last episode), now we do the 8 away shirts. And these ones are a step up, as a group. As with the home shirts, Macron has done (mostly) good work for the CanPL teams. Some gorgeous shirts…

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Your kit nerd crew:

Brenton, Kristin, Mark and Rich all like football / soccer, and all like shirts. They are in Canada, but love finding gems from all over.