Episode 1: Our debut album!

Pacific FC alternate / second / away kit featuring a stunning design by local Coast Salish artist Maynard Johnny Jr. / Thii Hayqwtun

Welcome to the first official episode of the Kit Nerd Corner podcast! We like to talk about soccer shirts. We spend a lot of time talking about soccer shirts and buying soccer shirts. The past two years have meant we’ve had more time to talk about and buy soccer shirts.

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In this, our debut episode, we meet our kit nerds, talk about how we got into soccer, talk about what the show is going to be about, and then dive into a bunch of interesting shirts that we’ve seen recently.

Episode rundown:

  1. Introduction
  2. Meet the kit nerds and find out the last shirt they each bought
  3. What are we going to talk about in this podcast?
  4. Recent releases:
    1. Errea’s UEFA kit assistance scheme, featuring Andorra, Belarus and Luxembourg
    2. Nottingham Forest FC’s new away shirt
    3. Three lovely German shirts: Stuttgart, Vfl Onasbrück, Bayer Leverkusen
    4. Venezia FC
  5. Awkward Outro

Thanks for listening, everyone! And jump on over to twitter to let us know what you think:

Mark: @kitnerdmark

Kristin: @kzknowles

Rich: @teaathalftime

Brenton: @capsoffside

Shirts we discuss in this episode:

The latest shirts we bought / acquired:

Top: Mark’s Everton 2021-22 home and third by hummel; Kristin’s Pacific FC’s 2022 second by Macron and Coast Salish artist Maynard Johnny Jr. / Thii Hayqwtun.
Bottom: Rich’s FC Carl Zeiss Jena 2020-21 home by Macron; Brenton’s 2000-01 Roma home with Totti name / number set by kappa.

UEFA’s kit assistance scheme by Errea

New shirts for eight smaller European countries. The shirts will be in use for 2022-24. For a look at the full set: Eight European nations




Nottingham Forest FC away 2022-33 by Macron

The German shirts

Left to right: Stuttgart 2022-23 away by Jako; Vfl Osnabrück 2022-23 home by Umbro; Bayer Leverkusen 2022-23 home by Castore.

Venezia 2022-23 away by kappa as modelled by a model

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