Episode 2: Our difficult sophomore episode

Welcome to the second episode of the Kit Nerd Corner podcast. Will this be our Second Coming?* Will we see an acrimonious breakup or will we continue on our upward trajectory into podcast fame and fortune?

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In this our second episode, us kit nerds introduce the idea of a grail kit, talk about the ones we’re striving for, and then as usual (it’s twice, so usual is a thing) dive into a bunch of interesting shirts that we’ve seen recently. One of us just bought a shirt. And then we mention a few things that we want to mention.

Episode rundown:

  1. Introduction
  2. Meet the kit nerds and find out what their grail kit is
  3. Recent releases:
    1. Toronto FC grey / white camo for 2022 by adidas
    2. Clapton CFC fan-voted 2022-23 home by Rage Sport
    3. Crystal Palace’s 2022-23 set by Macron featuring squiggles
    4. Arsenal 2022-23 away black and bronze
  4. New segment, “So I did a thing…”
  5. Anything interesting to mention
  6. Semi-awkward outro

Thanks for listening, everyone! And jump on over to twitter to let us know what you think:

The podcast: @KitNerdCorner

Mark: @kitnerdmark

Kristin: @kzknowles

Rich: @teaathalftime

Brenton: @capsoffside

* reference to Stone Roses’ awkward second album.

Shirts we discuss in this episode

The grail shirts we lust after:

Left to right: Manchester United 1990-92 away by adidas; Tottenham 1986-88 third / away by hummel; Sheffield United 1989-91 away by Umbro; Vancouver 86ers 1991 away by Umbro.

Barcelona 2006-07 third and Mancity 2019-20 third, for comparison:

Recent releases that caught our eyes

Toronto FC grey camo “special” shirt for 2022 by MLS monopoly recipient adidas:

Toronto FC soccer shirt that is grey camouflage.

Clapton CFC new home shirt by Rage Sport, as selected by fan voting:

Clapton CFC new shirt selected by fan voting. It features a design with vertical rectangles that are white, black, and three shades of red, in diagonal lines.

Crystal Palace 2022-23 set of home, away and third, and the comparison 2021-22 Hajduk Split away, all by Macron:

Arsenal 2022-23 black and bronze away shirt by adidas, worn by William Saliba and Orlando Freedom Fighters activist Aston Mack:

Arsenal 2022-23 black and bronze away shirt, worn by William Saliba and Orlando Freedom Fighters activist Aston Mack.

And they get a mention

The gorgeous France Women 2022 Euro home shirt by Nike:

Tranmere Rovers 2022-23 away with an odd colour scheme, by … Mills? That’s new to us.

Waterhouse FC’s dull 2022 blanks:

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