Episode 3: Is three the magic number?

Welcome to the third episode of the Kit Nerd Corner podcast. Rich is still here, but we were all sad that Kristin couldn’t join us. The three of us tried to make up for Kristin’s absence by being extra good. We ended up just being extra chatty.

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In our third episode, we took a good look at the shirts on offer in the inaugural season of League 1 in BC (support local soccer), and then we spent a lot of time on a bunch of fun new shirts. Also, two of us just bought new shirts! One of us bought “textiles”. And then we keep it going with a bunch of other fun things we wanted to mention.

Episode rundown, with times bolded:

0:00 – Introduction – what was the last shirt we wore?

3:50 – Feature: Six shirts from the first League 1 BC season

17:05 – Recent releases:

  • 17:20 – Como 1907 home 2022-23 by errea featuring a cartoon sunfish! Includes a look at ridiculous sizing issues.
  • 24:25 – FK Sarajevo (don’t say you’ve never heard of FK Sarajevo?!) 2022-23 set also by errea. Includes an ugly colour that somehow works and a digression into Canada soccer shirt issues and Nike complaints.
  • 32:30 – A ridiculous Club Almirante Brown retro 110 year anniversary shirt by Retiel featuring the floppiest of collars and a very, VERY loose neckline.
  • 38:19 – River Plate home 2022-23 by Adidas, featuring the best sash possible. The best. Really.
  • 45:25 – Norwich 2022-23 third swirly number by Joma.

50:23 – “So I did a thing…”

  • 50:37 – Rich bought that amazing France Euro 2022 blue shirt we mentioned last episode! We guess at the pattern.
  • 54:07 – Brenton bought two (2!) older Arsenal shirts. Which two, you ask? You’ll have to listen.
  • 58:22 – Mark bought some cards!

1:02:00 – Many interesting things to mention, with some extended discussions instead of mere mentions.

  • Athletic Club de Bilbao lion head
  • Women’s Super League ticket sales WAY up after Euros
  • Leeds typically sell 300k shirts!
  • Barnsley’s brutal short sponsor relationship with Hex dot com.
  • Everton’s tower badge.
  • Canada Soccer recognizes the men’s players union!

We’re out.

Intro music: Definition by Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli)

Outro music: Straight To Hell by The Clash

See below for images of all the shirts we talk about, and jump on over to twitter to let us know what you think about all our blathering.

The podcast: @KitNerdCorner

Mark: @kitnerdmark

Kristin: @kzknowles

Rich: @teaathalftime

Brenton: @capsoffside

Shirts we discuss in this episode

Feature – League 1 BC in 2022:

Altitude FC by Inaria and Highlanders FC template by Macron:

Rivers FC by Adidas and Rovers FC away by Capelli

Unity FC, a blank athletic shirt? and Varsity FC with an Adidas template:

Recent releases that caught our eyes

Como 1907 (Italy Serie B) 2022-23 home kit by errea, and the painting that inspired it, and a big cartoon sunfish!

FK Sarajevo (Bosnian Premier League) 2022-23 home / away / third set by errea, featuring that colour:

Club Almirante Brown (Argentina Primera B Nacional) retro 2022 amazing floppy thing by Retiel:

River Plate (Argentina Primera División) 2022-23 home by Adidas featuring the best ever sash OMG settle down Brenton:

Norwich (England Championship) 2022-23 third by Joma, featuring swirls:

Two of us bought shirts!

Rich bought this beauty, France Euro 2022 by Nike:

Brenton bought two Arsenal shirts! 2000-01 home red, and the 1994-96 home red, both by Nike:

And these get a mention

Athletic Club de Bilbao (Basque: Bilboko Athletic Kluba) 2022-23 away by New Balance, featuring a big ol’ lion’s head:

Barnsley wore shirts with the terrible Hex dot com sponsor in two games before cancelling the relationship:

And to round us out, Everton’s 2022-23 third kit by hummel featuring a tower shape as a badge, and the normal badge for comparison:

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