Episode 12: A return to form…

Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Kit Nerd Corner podcast! Join Brenton, Mark and Rich as they make their way through a wide variety of shirts and journeys and architecture (?) and quizzes and jokes.

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The first part was an unfortunate quiz question. It started well. Great question.

And then it turned out that someone (side-eye at Brenton) didn’t have the answer. 6 minutes later…

For shirts, first we talked about a whole bunch of shirts that we’ve noticed lately, including a good chat about companies / teams putting out reproductions of their classic shirts to grab that cash.

And we got quiz question #2!

Then we went on a meandering travel around Eastern Europe with Rich (feat. stadium architecture blather).

We each have some new shirts, so we talked about those, and Rich once again made fun of Brenton’s, like he does.

And we wrapped up with some manufacturer changes, a few minor things, but then… A TYPO ON A SHIRT (fun! but which one?!).

And of course, images of all the shirts we talk about are below.

Episode rundown, with times bolded:


2:15 – Quiz time!


  • 8:50 – ManU 1988-90 repro third by adidas, with an extended discussion on reproductions
  • 19:20 – Celtic leaked 2023-24 home hoops by adidas
  • 23:40 – Cruz Azul 2023 home blue by Joma
  • 26:55 – Mexico Women’s (not quite World Cup) away kit by adidas
  • 30:05 – Belgium Women’s (not quite World Cup) away kit by adidas

Featuring: Quiz question #2!

36:10 – SOME SHIRTS WE BOUGHT – A totally normal discussion


  • 36:25 – Fiorentina 2008-09 home by Lotto
  • 39:37 – Palermo 2005-06 home by Lotto

Rich’s travels

  • 42:12 – Allianz Arena is really big
  • 45:25 – Bohemians Prague made Rich fall in love
  • 50:07 – Rich went up a tower and saw a large stadium
  • 52:30 – Union Berlin did not have a kit in his size and one man wouldn’t have sold him one if they did


  • 56:15 – Rich got a 1860 Munich 2022-23 home for Mark


  • Dundee FC – honestly, no idea why we talked about Dundee FC
  • Feyenoord moves to Castore (Rich thought Bayer Leverkusen too, but they already are); Castore suck; Dryworld makes an appearance!
  • Kaizer Chiefs and Real Valladolid move to Kappa
  • Leeds Home evokes memories of Sweden away
  • Liverpool leak 2023-24 home by Nike

And, the final thing:

  • 1:11:05 – A typo in the Vancouver FC home shirt ?!?

1:12:50 – OUTRO

Intro music: Definition by Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli)

Outro music: Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

See below for images of all the shirts we talk about, and jump on over to twitter to let us know what you think about all our blathering.

The podcast: @KitNerdCorner

Mark: @kitnerdmark

Kristin: @kzknowles

Rich: @teaathalftime

Brenton: @capsoffside

Shirts we discuss in this episode

Cement sponsors in LigaMX

Top: Tigres with Cemex by adidas; Cruz Azul with… Cruz Azul by Joma
Bottom: Pachuca and Club Léon both with Cementos Fortaleza, both by Charly.

Shirts we noticed

Top: Manchester United 1988-90 third reproduction by adidas;
Bottom: Some of Arsenal’s repro offerings;

Top: Celtic 23-24 home leak; Celtic’s 1967b Lisbon Lions;
Bottom: Cruz Azul 2022-23 home by Joma again, because it’s so nice; Cruz Azul 21-22 home;

Mexico Women’s (not World Cup) 2023; Belgium Women’s (not World Cup) 2023, both by adidas.

We bought some shirts!

Brenton bought:

Fiorentina 2008-09 home by Lotto; Palermo 2005-06 home by Lotto, and the amazing art deco Palermo badge.

Interlude: in which Rich rambles around Eastern Europe.

Union Berlin 2022-23 home by adidas. Bohemians Praha (for the hipsters) 2022-23 home feat. kangaroo badge.

Mark got a shirt! (From Rich’s rambles.) 1860 Munich 2022-23 home by Nike.

Some things we noticed in the kit world

Dundee FC 2023-24 home by Macron. Kaizer Chiefs 1993-94 home by Kappa – look for Kappa to do fun things in South Africa starting next season.

Real Valladolid are moving to Kappa. Which, if you look at last year’s set (top) is a good thing. Why did adidas move away from the simple, class approach, from 21-22 (bottom)?

Sweden oops Leeds’ leaked 2023-24 home by adidas; Liverpool’s leaked 2023-24 home by Nike.

And *drum roll please*…

Vancouver FC’s 2022-23 home by Macron feat. typo!

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